Tony Marshall's rival, Chris Donner, presents his new technological arsenal for his new profound company STARKCORP on Terra Venture, as he plans on what he has already have in store for the space colony.


Everyone, may I have you attention please?

(crowd watches in silence)


Today is the day where I'm about to show you the new face of our future and its military weapons and soldiers. I spent half of last year forming this company since someone I knew at the time costed me my previous job - Yes I know. I was fired - because I violated his copyrighted property and boy I was sued for copyrighted infringement. Anyway, here's my latest set of soldiers for my company, S.T.A.R.K.C.O.R.P.
(the Neo-Vipers enter, large lights flash, audience applause. Commander Chalmers watches)
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Neo-Vipers. Now the the Vipers are vicious aggressive soldiers. They are very tough and they have no fear. On the plusside, these guys are your worst nightmare. Their armor is 99% bulletproof, so is their helmets but not their uniforms. One shot in the uniform, BAM! they are down for the count. The technology I used on both the soldiers and the weapons are very scientific. Nanomites. Pesky little tech pests. I plan on shipping every single product of this technology as I will export them to various countries including portions of this colony and I don't want to expect my "Toy" to be a research experiment. That goes for those who are in Terra Venture's Science Division Team. The warheads are not intended to be toyed with. I wouldn't like it if someone do it, then I would get really, really pissed. It would cost me, my job as an arm dealer, or even the billions of dollars I had put out of S.T.A.R.K.C.O.R.P.
Tonight, I intend NASADA to contact the Galactic Space Alliance to send half squad team of their troops to deliver the warheads to Terra Venture so that way they'll store them safely to their station, when the time comes for me to launch missiles at terrorist areas, for safe keeping while I plan on shipping duplicates to the United States and other countries' space military factualties around the globe.
(audience applause, Chalmers enters. Donner walks by with him)

That was quite of a presentation you had out there. You have really outdone yourself, Donner. I have to hand it to you.

Yeah, you could say that. What did you say your unit is called?

CHALMERS (replies):
I didn't.

Well, that figures. Oh, and tell Marshall I said I'll be seeing him again soon. (exits)

I'll be looking forward to that. (exits)