[Main Title]
(The film opens with a forest background set at night, then shots of city buildings are seen. Another foreshadowing shot featuring Trakeena's eye is seen, then a photo of a super model - wearing heavy mascara and a peak of her cleavage - is shown, as featured on a Sprint - owned Samsung smartphone as projected.
Next, She begins to drop down a pair of blue scissors to cut her long drenched dark hair and her makeup box. (NOTE: Her face will not be shown in full yet. Wait until she is done rejuvenates her image).
Then, Trakeena uses her white facial powder stick to rub onto a piece of cotton fabric in order to show the white bleeding and dust from the stick. The next shot shows her rapidly rubbing the paint over face, then over her eyelids.
Next, Trakeena is seen - only eye shot - now ready to put on her black mascara on her eyebrows and and shadow paint on her eyelashes, with a streak of blue metallic mascara paint layering over between her eyelash aand lid.
Now we get to see the villain in full).

Character Wardrobe: Trakeena, for the first time without her Mantis headdress that she usually wears ontop of her head, that hides most of her dark human hair within the headgear, wears her usual form-fitting insectile black suit - this time in a leather made version of her costume with open cleavage, and half of the same insectiod armor pieces, in addition of a leather black glove sported on her right hand with razor-sharped fingernails ontop the fingertips of the glove (as akin to the glove that is worn on the hand of Freddy Kruger). Trakeena now sports long black high heel boots that also have blades attached to the heels.

(Title Display: In the Near but Not Too Distant Future)