Tony is seen using his computer, searching for information hinting about his long-forgotten ladyfriend from years past. After researching, he stands outside his window of his apartment and suspiciously sees a mysterious stranger wearing a black cloak putting a envelope - regarding a message or note - in his mailbox. After the unknown conspicuious stranger leaves, Tony goes to his mailbox and finds out that, based on the letter sent to him, he is being stalked.

Back inside the Power Pad, Tony tells his friends about it.


WILL: What's that you got there?

TONY: junk mail.

WILL: Junk mail? Let me see.

[Billy begins to read the letter Tony has recieved in the mailbox]

BILLY: From the looks of it, this is likely a letter from someone who wants your attention.

TONY: You think?

BILLY: Yeah dude. What else?