Opening Prologue: The Quasar Story Thus Far

Scene Duration: narration credits scroll up with pictures and footage in the background to represent the backstory.

15 years ago, in the year 1999, on the not so distant planet of Mirinoi, several legendary warriors have tried to pull the legendary 3,000+ year-old blades known as the Quasar Sabers out of the stone as they laid there for generations. Unfortunately, when the Quasar Forest was attacked by a general who once worked for the evil insectiod warlord Scorpius, the villagers were also attacked in fear as Furio, one of Scorpius' generals, wanted the mighty swords for himself and give them to his leader. But one day, when the 5 chosen ones pulled the Quasar Sabers out of the stone with their brute strength, they became the legendary galactic fighting force we all know today. With the elements of Fire, Air, Water, Thunder, and Nature, they became the Galaxy Power Rangers. Along the way, they have retained the legendary Galactabeasts - consisting a Lion, Condor Dragon, Ape, Wolf, and Wildcat - which later becomes a metallic sentinal fighting fleet known as zords to form the Galaxy Megazord.
As their everlasting adventures across the galaxy progresses beyond time and beyond space, they have fought 4 different forces of evil that has crossed their line. Their main enemy, Trakeena, the insectile daughter of Scorpius, an evil but beautiful insect-human woman who was once a princess now turned queen, however, wanted to destroy the Power Rangers for what they have done to her father when she was absent. Following the death of her father, Trakeena began a fierce act of retaliation against our heroes with whatever monsters leftover from her father's army.

After a few more battles in the Lost Galaxy, Trakeena destroyed the entire space colony of Terra Venture, making it crashland to the dark side of the moon. The final confrontation between her and the Lost Galaxy Power Rangers had come near and since then, they have sacrificed the last of the their legendary power to defeat her.
In the end, when the five chosen ones returned to Mirinoi, which was previously presumed as "The New World", and returned the Quasar Sabers after a long journey across the galaxy fighting those such evil forces, the original beholders' journey was complete and was far from over and their powers dispersed into sparkling restoration to restore the planet from being covered in stone forever.

Today, in the year 2014, 15 years has passed as a new generation of chosen individuals stand together to become this such galactic fighting force to fight their unique foes.

And so, the annual tradition, enternally untold, continues....