• This will be the first Power Rangers Fan-Film to be converted in both 2D (original) and 3D formats - whatever perfered.
  • This is Marsh's 3rd Power Rangers Fan-Film shot in 16:9 Widescreen and the first Power Rangers fan-film in general to be shot in High Definition. The following perferred resolutions for better viewing of this fan-film are:
    • HD 780p
    • HD 1080p
  • Unlike Marsh's past fan-film project attempts of the series from the past, Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy 2014 will NOT include any music Marsh has used from the original Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man trilogy (by Danny Elfman, Deborah Lurie, John Debney, and Christopher Young) or music from video games Marsh had used beforewise.
  • The Rangers' Transmorphers are being repainted in black rather than chrome gray from the TV show and its Bandai toyline.
  • The Rangers' team outfit in the film are next-gen futuristic hybrids of the original Lost Galaxy costumes from the TV series and in the Sentai series it's based on. However, the helmets are still the same but with newly improved visor size and metallic coating on the visors.
  • Most of the film will be shot with 100% original material and not contain any Sentai footage.
    • Commonly, due to some to most footage from Gingaman that was present in Power Rangers, Marsh originally was going to add on footage of scenes that fully happened in the original Sentai. Unfortunately, in order to refrain from reproducing and re-editing fights scenes from Gingaman despite strict copyright reasons with Saban and Toei, Marsh decided to reshoot most of the Ranger-based fights in 100% American movie footage based on the fights from Gingaman instead, before releasing the fan-film on YouTube.
    • The Megazord battles, based on ones from either Gingaman and/or Lost Galaxy, are also being shot in 100% originallity using the deluxe action figure versions from Bandai's toyline for PRLG. Some Zord fight scenes will include animated imagery with both Stop-Motion and CGI respectively.

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