The following is a screenplay for a fanfilm reboot based on Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. It is completely drafted and written by Anthony Marsh, Jr, who is starring, producing and directing the film.

Cast of CharactersEditEdit

The characters in PRLG 2014 are mainly Rangers Marsh,Jr created for his fanfic series Power Rangers: Galactic Military Police Defenders . The Rangers here in the film, are not the real Galaxy Rangers, rather, its a new generation of individuals to rise and become the new Lost Galaxy Power Rangers.

NOTE 1: The cast, other than featuring Marsh, include big-name actors of Pop-Culture, which are actors (of other TV shows and films) that have nothing to do with the show and actors that has never been on the show.

NOTE 2: The Yellow Ranger in this version of PRLG is a male, just like Hikaru (GingaYellow) in Gingaman.

NOTE 3: The film is set 15 years after Lost Galaxy as referrences from the season is featured here.

  • Anthony Marsh, Jr - AJ Weems (Yellow Ranger)
  • Don Cheadle - Browne Jones (Green Ranger)
  • Wes Bentley - Tony Marshall (Red Ranger)
  • Rider Strong - Billy James (Blue Ranger)
  • Kristen Bell - Wendy O'Hara (Pink Ranger 1) - previously dropped.
  • Noomi Rapace - Gwen McQueen (Pink Ranger 2)
  • Donnie Wahlberg - Jess Marshall (new Magna Defender)
  • Jerry Hall - Trakeena


  1. Trakeena Rises
  2. Prologue: The Quasar Story Thus Far
  3. Warhead Presentation Expo
  4. The GSA
  6. Pre-Homecoming
  7. Who Is That Girl?
  8. Will Empty-Handed
  9. Queen of the Throne
  10. Red Romance With Gwen
  11. What Happened to Her?
  12. The Terra Venture Clinic Asylum
  13. True Feelings
  14. Something's Different
  15. Chris' Bidding
  16. Should We Surrender?
  17. Gwen's Induction
  18. Deviot's Fury
  19. Aftermath
  20. Enter: Rocketron
  21. The Ranger Who Lurked From the Shadows
  22. The Ranger Who Cried Trakeena
  23. A Nightmare on Tony's Street - Seeing Things
  24. The Queen's Tears
  25. Pure Ignorance
  26. Shadow Recogning
  27. The Fall of the Galaxy Megazord
  28. Chris' Disoffer
  29. Megazord Gone, Another Chance
  30. The Ultimate Megazord Battle
  31. Faded Beauty (script)
  32. Beauty Restored (script)
  33. Scorpius Returns (script)
  34. Red Ranger Obsession (script)
  35. Theraputic Interruptus
  36. Getting Closer
  37. The Affair Revealed
  38. Chaos Breaks Loose
  39. The Fate of Terra Venture (script)