Here's photo galleries of pictures featuring me, from when I was doing my Power Rangers fanfilm to various.

2011 - My Facebook ProfileEdit

2010-2012 - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of TrakeenaEdit

2011 - Beauty and the BrawlerEdit

2011 - Bullying PSA (w/Anthony Marsh Jr, Ben Rockwood, John Robinson)Edit

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2014 YouTube videosEdit

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PROSCAN Tablet Photo Images Edit

2013 Edit


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2012-present - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 2014 fanfilm rebootEdit

Other Photography; MechallanyEdit

August 2011: Landscapes Edit

West Virginia Edit

December 2011: Transform Vehicle King Speed TKEdit

These are photographs of a cheap Big Lots-exclusive toy I recieved as a gift for Christmas of 2011, which were poorly-executed "Transformers" ripoff toys. I only wanted shots of the toy packaging.

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