Anthony Marsh, Jr (b. September 5, 1992) is a American actor, voice actor, comedian, composer, writer, blogger, director, producer, and a former comic book artist. is mainly known for his fan-fiction work on the Power Rangers franchise and as well as creating his own continuity of it known as Power Rangers LG: Galactic Military Police Defenders.

This series serves as a bridge between these seasons of Power Rangers:

It is mainly Lost Galaxy based.

His first debut role in film is obviously Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena, as Yellow Ranger AJ Weems. The film was expected in June 2011 but this debut breakthrough fan-film was met with a negative reaction.

Biography, Current LifeEdit

IMG 20110730 082304

Anthony Marsh, Jr in August 2011.

Marsh attended Gaithersburg High School,. He is currently in Gaithersburg, Maryland for a reside. He might attend Montgomery College after the 2010-2011 school year at GHS but his father, Anthony Marsh, Sr. plans to move the family in two years after Austin Marsh graduates from Walkins Mill High School in 2013, moving to West Virginia.

Marsh resently graduated from Gaithersburg High School on June 3, 2011 as the ceremony took place at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC.



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